Yang Jun (the director) is a direct descendant of the founder of the Yang style and a Tai Chi grandmaster. The quality of the teaching is superb. Everything is explained well and demonstrated slowly. Each student is examined for correct posture. Philosophy is integrated into the teaching.” Mitch O.

A chance to study Yang-style Tai Chi from the family that developed it; terrific, supportive people. Great place!” Lori

I have been a student at the center now for almost seven years. I highly recommend the school for anyone wanting to learn traditional chinese martials and improve their health.” Peter20

I have been amazed how easy it has been to feel at home at Yang Family Tai Chi, after studying for a year elsewhere.  There have been many opportunities to enjoy doing the form as I know it, while beginning to learn the refinements that are the Yang Family style of the Long Form. As a woman who has been a longtime student of a few martial arts, I am impressed with the ability of my instructor to match her feedback to each student’s needs while keeping the class as a whole, engaged and learning.  Each class is an empowering mix of basic concepts, clear technical instruction and multiple opportunities to ask questions and receive feedback.”   D. D. H

I feel so fortunate to have found this school.  The learning experience here has been wonderful.  Instructors are extremely knowledgeable, there is great attention to proper form, and the classes are always friendly and pleasant.  I always feel like I’m in good hands.  It is a privilege to learn Tai Chi here.” Carolyn F.