1. Classes will begin promptly at their scheduled time.
  2. Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class.  If you need additional time to change clothes or warm-up, please factor this into your arrival time.
  3. There is a changing room available along with cubbyholes to store your shoes and other items.  A rack is on the wall to hang your coats/sweaters.
  4. Please turn off all cell phones and pagers while class is in session.
  5. When you enter the classroom, please line up in a formation of rows and columns and be in formation prior to the scheduled start time.
  6. Should you arrive late, quietly find a place in the back row.  No need to wait for instructor permission to enter.
  7. Your instructor will greet the class with the palm and fist salute (open left hand covering the right fist) and say:

“Tong Xue Men Hao” (Hello, students).

The class will respond with the palm and fist salute and reply:

“Lao Shi Hao” (Hello, teacher), in unison.

8.     At the close of each class your instructor will say:

“Tong Xue Men Zai Jian” (Good-bye, students).

The response, along with the palm and fist salute is:

“Lao Shi Zai Jian” (Good-bye, teacher).

9.      At the end of class, please make sure the classroom area is picked up and no valuable or personal items are left behind.


Chinese: “Tong xue men hao”                  Pronounce like “Tong shoe men how”

Chinese: “Lao shi hao”                               Pronounce like “Lao sure how”

Chinese: “Xie xie”                                        Pronounce like “Shay shay”

Chinese: “Tong xue men zai jian”             Pronounce like “Tong shoe men zie gen”

Chinese: “Lao shi zai jian”                         Pronounce like “Lao sure zie gen”