1. How is Chinese Culture incorporated into Tai Chi?

Chinese culture is developed from I-Ching and different schools of philosophy.

Tai Chi (one thing) eminates from wuji (ultimate nothingness). Tai Chi is the origin of dynamic and static states and separates into two – yin and yang. When there is movement, yin and yang separate. When there is no movement, they combine and become one.

Wu Sheng = 5 elements/principles. 5 elements are: fire, water, metal, wood and earth Each develops, controls and balances each other.

Earth is nourished by fire

Metal is created by earth

Metal dissolves to feed water

Water nourishes wood

Wood feeds fire

Water quenches fire

Fire tempers metal

Metal cuts wood

Wood restrains earth

Earth holds back water

Chinese medicine uses yin and yang. For example: Heart = fire; Liver = wood;

Kidney = water. When we are sick yin and yang are not in balance. Chinese medicine also uses Wu Sheng elements

2. What is the difference between Internal and External martial arts?

With external martial arts one must be harder and stronger than their opponent in order to overcome the opponent.

Internal martial arts include Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Bagua. We train to use soft ways to make body soft, follow opponent’s energy. Like cotton – yielding. Inside and outside are coordinated together.