At our school, you can attend any of the following classes you like for your fixed tuition price. (Seminars and special events/classes not included.)

All classes are 55 minutes long.

DayTimeClassTeacherStart Date 
Mon6pmHand Form Section 2 Mike LuceroNov
7pmHand Form Section 2Chad HolleMay
6pmPush Hands IntroEric Madsen
7pmHand Form ReviewMike Lucero/
Master Yang
8pmPush HandsMike Lucero/
Master Yang
Wed11:30amHand Form Section 2Cheryl InouyeMar
12:30pmGroup PracticeCheryl Inouye
5pmTeacher Training Nancy LuceroAug
6pmSwordNancy LuceroMay
7pmHand Form ReviewNancy Lucero
6pmHand Form Section 2Fang Hong
7pmHand Form Section 1Ed WanStart May 4
Sat10amHand Form Section 3Stefanie RussellMar
11amHand Form ReviewStefanie Russell
12pmGroup PracticeChad Holle
Sun10amGroup PracticeChris Phillips

Tai Chi Basics class will focus on warm-up and basic tai chi movements, evolving into a Hand Form Section 1 class.

Hand Form The Traditional Yang Style 103 Movement Hand Form (aka “Long Form”, “85 Form”) is taught. This form is for all ages, beginners to advanced. Students can improve their strength, coordination, posture, concentration, and general level of energy. The Hand Form provides the basics necessary to practice push hands and weapons.

The complete Hand Form takes about 12 to 18 months to learn and a lifetime to perfect. For teaching purposes, the Hand Form is divided into three sections. After completing all three sections, students continue in our Hand Form Review or Refinement Classes.

Hand Form Review:  We practice and review the movements of the form.

Hand Form Refinement is taught by Master Yang. Besides improving the movements, he has included exercise to use the waist, keep the correct body shape, etc.

Push Hands is practiced with a partner, focusing on the principles of sticking, yielding.  and rooting. Starting with making circles while staying connected to your partner, you learn how to use the 8 energies against an opponent and how to neutralize them when used against you. Learning to use the 8 energies will improve your Hand Form.

Sword Form The Sword is double-edged short weapon. The sword form is based on the Hand Form but practiced faster. One should perform the sword form with the energy of a dragon. To learn the 67 movements takes about eight months.

Saber Form The saber is a single-edged short weapon. The saber form is based on the Hand Form but practiced faster than the sword form and with more energy. One should perform the saber form with the energy of a tiger. To learn the movements takes about four months.

Group Practice Everything could be practiced here, but usually the Hand Form is practiced twice through. The leader of the practice may help with any questions.

Students may join the Push Hands or Weapons classes with the permission of the instructor. It is recommended they first complete the Hand Form.