Master Yang Jun, Center Director

6 th Generation direct descendant of the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi, Yang Lu Chan. He has been trained by his grandfather,
Master Yang Zhen Duo, since age 5 to carry-on the Yang Family
traditions. He is certified as the highest level judge in China and served as head judge for the 1998 National
Tai Chi Competition in China. In 1995 he was given the title of “Shanxi Province Famous WuShu Master” by the
Chinese WuShu Academy. Yang Jun taught seminars overseas with his grandfather for the ten
years. He moved to Seattle from China in August 1999 with his wife Fang Hong, to teach and serve as President
of the Association.


Fang Hong (Mrs. Yang Jun), Center Director, Head Instructor

When Fang Hong started her Tai Chi journey in 1987, she was fortunate to have Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo as her first teacher. She continues learning from her husband, Master Yang Jun. In 1999, she joined Master Yang Jun in teaching Tai Chi in the Seattle area. In addition to being a Tai Chi instructor and a dedicated wife and mother, she also serves as Secretary to the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.


Certified Instructors

Our Certified Instructors aid students on behalf of Master Yang Jun and Fang Hong. They each have over five years experience and have worked hard for the opportunity to serve our students and our school.


Eric MadsenEric Madsen

I have been a student of Yang Lao Shi since 2002 and have studied the Long Form, 49 Movement Competition Form, 16 Movement Form, Saber Form, Single Posture Staff, Sword Form, Push Hands, Standing Meditation, and Applications. I work hard and take my daily practice seriously. I strive to motivate students to dedicate a small amount of time every day to practice Taijiquan. I am also a regular contributor to the association journal and member of the editing/writing team for the Student Handbook.

Yang Lao Shi has been a skillful and inspirational teacher that I admire greatly. I try to emulate his teaching style and preserve the essence of what he has said in the years I’ve studied with him.



Nancy Lucero

I have one daughter, three grandchildren and two little kids named Ben and Chi-Chen. 

My vocational background is in Human Resources, Marketing/Sales, Trade shows,  Event Planning and Administration. 

I discovered and started my tai chi journey in 1996 and began studying with Master Yang  in 2000.  I teach at Shoreline Community College, Bellevue College (TELOS), JK Personal Training Studio, Hollyhills Clubhouse and at the Bothell, Mill Creek and Snohomish Senior Centers.

When the Redmond school opened, late 2001, I was appointed Office Manager by Master Yang and Fang Laoshi.  Soon thereafter, I became Master Yang’s Assistant in the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association.  In 2012, I became School Manager where I continue to organize the Redmond School’s seminars, open houses, ranking events and practices, demonstration teams and performances, anniversary celebrations and social events. 

I feel extremely fortunate to have Master Yang and Fang Laoshi as my guiding lights through my exploration and understanding of their family art form.




Mike Lucero

Mike graduated from California Institute of Technology in 1981. He had a few jobs programming computers, had his own programming business, then joined Microsoft in 1988 and left Microsoft in 1997.

He started learning tai chi in 1996 at a class taught at Microsoft by Master Shuo Y Chen, learning the 24, 32 sword, and 103 forms and starting push hands.

In 2000, he and his wife, Nancy, started to teach tai chi at Microsoft, and near the end of 2000 joined the YCF Center, where he also learned the 67 sword form and 13 saber forms. They teach at local Senior Centers and Shoreline Community College.


Edward Moore

After trying out several different martial arts I decided to find one that I could continue to discover over a lifetime of practice.  I looked for a traditional system with a strong lineage and finally discovered Master Yang’s Seattle school in the year 2000.  I have attended classes at the Seattle and Redmond schools since that time and have studied the long and short Yang Family hand forms, as well as the sword, saber, push hands, and staff.  I have been very fortunate to learn directly from Master Yang Jun, his wife Fang Hong and his Esteemed Grandfather, Master Yang Zhen Duo.  Since 2005, I have had the honor of being an assistant teacher at the school.  The Yang Family teaches a deep and profound style of Tai Chi Chuan and after years of study with Master Yang I am still always surprised by his excellent teaching ability and remarkable skill level.



Stefanie Russell

It is my good fortune to have the opportunity to study with Master Yang Jun and Fang Laoshi here in the Redmond/Seattle Yang Chengfu Centers. Starting in 2004 with the Hand Form I have continued my training with Sword and Saber Forms, Push Hands, and Instructor Training classes, all the while seeking improvement through Correction classes and Seminars.

Giving back to our Center by participating in school demos and sharing in teaching responsibilities, as well as serving as a judge for the 2009 Ranking Tests, is also my good fortune. I teach at the YMCA and Redmond Senior Center as well.

Stepping out of my ballet slippers, having spent years teaching in a professional ballet company school, I am happy to discover the advantages of continuing my footsteps along the tai chi chuan path!

Having become grandmother to two exuberant boys it is lucky for me to have a way to improve myself enough to be worthy of that honor!

My past life experience allows me to study tai chi chuan more fully. My tai chi chuan experience allows me to live my life more fully. They have become one and the same.