Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

Hi Everyone:
This book is being released today through Amazon. I looked at it briefly (Table of Contents, etc.) and found that the it’s written by Peter Wayne, PhD who was on the scientific panel with the Grandmasters at the 2009 Symposium in Nashville. I think this will be a valuable resource and read. Just wanted to give you a heads-up!




World Tai Chi Day – 2013

Hi Everyone:

Every year on the last Saturday of April at 10am, beginning in the Earth’s earliest time zone in New Zealand and ending in Hawaii, a peaceful soothing event unfolds and changes the world forever as it blooms around the Earth throughout the entire day – time zone by time zone.  Gently and effortlessly the world will breathe together in a T’ai Chi & QiGong relay of calm.

We have all experienced the soothing calm of witnessing others doing T’ai Chi or QiGong and  on World T’ai Chi & QiGong Day the entire planet will have that opportunity.

This year, World Tai Chi Day will be on Saturday, April 27th.

Our school will be participating in this global event by meeting at Grass Lawn Park, 7031 148th Ave NE Redmond (at the intersection of Old Redmond Road and 148th Ave). It is about 2 miles north of the Redmond school.

If you would like to be part of this event, please plan to arrive by 9:45am as we will start practicing promptly at 10:00am. We will practice the Traditional 103 hand form, followed by the Sword and
Saber forms.

Please feel free to bring your family and friends as they are welcome to join in or watch.

Following our practice, everyone is invited to have lunch together at a nearby restaurant (Mandarin Buffet?).

Please let me know if you plan to attend.

Thank you!

-Nancy Lucero


New Hand Form Classes Starting in April

Our Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Redmond school is going to start two beginner classes in April. They are Wednesday April 3rd at 11am and Thursday April 4th at 8pm. Each class is 55 minutes long. I’d like to give new students a 25% tuition discount if they register for a quarter. That would be $198 for the first quarter (originally $264). The tuition covers all classes; take as many classes as you want. Besides tuition, there is a $30 annual membership fee to support our Association. Look here for New Member Form and Waiver of Liability Form.


Bring forms to your first class.

Please let me know which class you are interested in, or if there are any questions. Email info@yangtaichiseattle.com

Fang Hong