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Hello Students,
Tomorrow, June 6th , is Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, a Traditional Chinese Festival. It happens May 5th every lunar calendar.
There are a couple of stories about Dragon Boat Festival. The most important one is consecrated to the memory of Qu Yuan, a minister of Chu Huai King and a famous poet. Before Christ 278, when Qu Yuan heard Qin army made a breath through Chu’ capital, he was so despaired because he could not do anything about it. Afterward he wrote a poem, he held a rock and jumped into Mi Luo River (irn Hunan province) to suicide. People loved him so much and tried to get his body from Mi Luo River. People threw Zong Zi in Mi Luo River to feed fishes to prevent Qu Yuan’s body being eaten by fishes and rowed on Mi Luo Rive to get his body. Since then, every year people row and make Zong Zi to member Qu Yuan. Usually, Zong Zi is sticky rice inside and wrapped by Zong Ye (a kind of plant).

I hope you have a chance to try Zong Zi.

Have a nice weekend,



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